MDX 540




MDX 540

Fast, accurate and affordable, the Roland Modela Pro II MDX-540 Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) device is a true leader in its field, exceeding all price vs performance measures against other forms of Rapid Prototyping including 3D printing.

This 4-axis desktop CNC device is a highly versatile machine that can create just about any prototype required from snap-fit and functional parts right through to light metal moulds and custom-designed jewellery.

Recognising that prototypes need to perform like the real thing, Roland's MDX-540 can produce manufactured products that survive physical, structural and thermal tests. It's why it's so popular in industries such as aerospace, automotive, interior design, manufacturing & industrial, jewellery, education, confectionary, engineering and defence, where functional prototypes can be put to test in the field.